Elfin Cove, Alaska

Located 85 miles west of Juneau on the northwest side of Chichagof Island, our Fisherman’s paradise awaits! There are just two ways in and out of Elfin Cove – either by boat or floatplane. As you step onto the dock, you’ll appreciate just how remote our little fishing village is. Previously called the “Gunk Hole”, meaning a safe harbor, Elfin Cove was founded by Ernie and Ruth Swanson in the 1920’s. Although the town has grown quite a bit since then, you will still get the pleasure of experiencing the rustic charm of our small, tight-knit community. 

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Once in Elfin Cove you’ll notice there are no roads or cars, just a quaint boardwalk that leads you further into the community. Along the way, you’ll pass a small post office, museum, and general store with an attached liquor store. Home to fewer than 10 year-round residents, the population grows to around 200 in summer when the fishing is hopping and the seaplanes are flying.

We offer many different opportunities and options for you to explore the breathtaking views and pristine views of the Last Frontier. Take advantage of our world-class fishing grounds by scheduling a charter fishing trip. We also offer unique sight-seeing charters, exclusive day trips to Glacier Bay National Park, and trips to George Island to see a World War II gun emplacement.

While in Elfin Cove, you’ll also notice that we have an unrivaled view. Settled directly across from Taylor Bay, the Fairweather mountain range and the Brady Glacier will take your breath away as the sun dips below the jagged peaks painting the sky in beautiful pinks and oranges.


Humpback and Minke whales hang out in Cross Sound, feasting on krill and fry. Sea lions bellow on nearby haulouts, and sea otters frolic in the kelp. Eagles swoop to catch fish, and large numbers of sandhill cranes and geese migrate through in spring and fall. While rarely in town, brown bears are also very prevalent on the island. You may see them fishing or playing on nearby beaches. Beautiful ruby-throated hummingbirds fill up on nectar just feet away from where you will enjoy dinner, and as dusk begins to fall, swooping little brown bats will fill the sky munching on bugs. Experiencing the impressive wildlife here is truly that – wild.

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