South Africa

Africa's top vacation destination is South Africa, the exotic wildlife makes it an exciting place to go on Safari at Kruger National Park. Allowing the traveler to experience the Big 5 of wildlife - Elephants, Lion, Leopard, Rhino and African Buffalo. Safari's are a must see while visiting South Africa but this beautiful county has so much more to offer . The southern most country of a continent filled with immense culture, wildlife, and landscape. From city life in Cape Town , there's many reasons why South Africa makes the perfect travel destinations for explorers, adventure seekers, and families from all around the world. Travelers flock to the region for the vast plant life, protected wildlife, and world renowned water based activities. From white sand beaches and renowned safari destinations to breathtaking wine lands, there's a variety of things to do to keep to discover keep busy and experience the abundance the country has to offer.

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While visiting South Africa's Cape Town area there are a few must sees, Table Mountain National Park is one of the enchanting views allows for a hiker, biker or even paraglider to explore and take in the scenic views. After quenching your adventurous spirt ,allow for time at Boulders Beach to experience the penguins and not to forget taking that iconic drive to Capes Peak.

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