2018 New York Times labeled Mozambique ‘living laboratory for nature’s renewal’ for its impeccably maintained national parks,

its extensive coastline and popular white sand beaches, Mozambique is Africa's southeastern beach paradise that sits alongside the turquoise waters of the Indian Ocean. Maputo, the country's commercial and cultural center, has a variety of cafe's, bars, and discotheques that offer some of the liveliest nightlife in southern Africa! Destinations in Mozambique are quickly becoming the continent's top destination for a classic tropical island vacation and world class water-based activities. Spend the day diving the untouched coral reefs, swimming with the whale sharks, or experience an unforgettable mainland safari. It's the perfect stay to combine the best of the bush and the beach!

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Mozambique consists of scenic coastal lowlands in the south and rugged mountains in the north. This lesser-known African jewel is located on the Indian Ocean with its bio-diverse ecosystem you will not find any place on earth comparable. The majestic colonial architecture and vibrant street food culture of its bustling capital city, Maputo is an unmissable experience on our luxury tours of Mozambique. Boasting an array of tropical islands such as Inhaca and Xefina, both located off the mainland’s coast and shores surrounded by turquoise waters of the Indian Ocean, it’s easy to see why Mozambique’s popularity has dramatically spiked in recent years.

7,000 years ago the blissful island of Inhaca tore away from the mainland and is now an established must-visit on trips to Mozambique. This slice of paradise fits all your island vacation needs of swaying palm trees, pristine beaches, and warm crystal clear seas come true. Plunge into the tepid shallows of Machangulo for snorkeling to see the locals of Spotted Rubberlips, Jewel Damsels, and Zanzibar Butterflyfish.

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