Hout Bay

Located in the Western Cape province of South Africa is Cape Town's seaside resort town, Hout Bay. Know for its world famous coastline of breathtaking views of the Atlantic Coast, Hout Bay is surround by ocean, mountains, and wine farms which makes it the prefect travel destination for both relaxation and adventure alike. You can spend the day at the Harbor exploring local shops and restaurants, an afternoon at a winery sampling some of the regions local selections, or take an exhilarating boat charter to enjoy a bit of fishing and wildlife for the entire family. As one of South Africa's leading destinations for tourist, the options are truly limitless.

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About Destination

Hout Bay's history started in the 17th century when Dutch settlers arrived in the Cape of Good Hope. Originally know as "Houtbaai", meaning " wood bay" in Afrikaans, the area was abundant in timber, attracting the Dutch East India Company. Over the years Hout Bay evolved into a fishing village and a popular stopover for ships traveling along with Cape Peninsula. The Historical importance of Hout Bay is evident in its well- preserved architecture and landmarks,

Anything but a sleepy fishing village is home to a diverse community with rich cultural heritage. The town hosting various festivals and events throughout the year, showcasing local traditions, arts, and cuisine. The Hout Bay Market, half every weekend, offers a vibrant atmosphere where visitors can experience local crafts, food and music.

The natural landscape of Hout Bay provides a playground for the outdoor enthusiasts. The mountain region surrounding the Bay offers numerous hiking trails, such as hiking to the top of the sentinel peak, rewarding the hikers with panoramic views of the bay and the Atlantic Ocean. Adventure seekers alike love Hout Bay allowing abundant activities Kayaking, snorkeling, and boat trips to the Seal Island. Hout Bay is a gateway to Cape Peninsula, allowing travelers to visit nearby attractions like Cape Point and the Cape of good hope.

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