Spiritual Retreat

September 20th - 26th, 2024

Experience the transformative power of collective healing as women, nurturing sisterhood and empowerment.

Experience profound healing through inner child workshops and sacred womb ceremonies, enhancing your inner goddess energy.

Engage in nightly Goddess, celestial, and feminine ceremonies, including a mountain ceremony and sacred womb healing, integrating profound healing experiences.

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About Travel Package

Embark on a penguin excursion and African animal encounters, delving into the spiritual perspective of each encounter for deeper self-understanding. Immerse yourself in an indigenous experience at the restaurant Gold, participating in drumming and face painting, connecting with ancient traditions. Take a spiritual hike to a famous peak in Africa, beginning each day with a transformative journey. Embrace opening and closing ceremonies, anchoring your experience with intention and reflection. Receive guidance from experienced Shamans, fostering integration and personal growth in a supportive environment.

  • Shamanic Ceremonies

  • Inner- child workshop

  • African drummers & face painting

  • Safari adventure seeing the Big 5, Lion, Leopard, Rhino, Elephant and African buffalo

  • Hiking & Meditation

  • 7 days & 6 nights

  • All meals & luxury resort accommodations

  • African Penguin Encounter


Day 1


  • Dinner at Vida Nova Retreat's restaurant The Green Orchid

  • Opening Ceremony to set the healing intentions

Day 2


•       Morning Meditation: Upon arrival, begin with a guided meditation session to set intentions for your retreat.

•       Breakfast Time: Enjoy a leisurely breakfast at your accommodation.

•       Settle In: Take time to rest, unwind, and acclimate to your surroundings.

•       Late Afternoon: Inner Child Workshop Part 1

•       Dinner Time: Relish in a relaxing dinner at the Green Orchid

•       Evening: Participate in a ceremonial experience to heal the Sacred Divine Feminine Womb

Day 3


• Morning Meditation: Start the day with a brief meditation session before heading out for the hike.

• Breakfast Time: Fuel up with breakfast before the hike.

• Hiking and Ceremony: Depart for Table Mountain hike in the morning where we will be doing a celebratory mountain and mother earth ceremony.

• Lunch Time: Enjoy a packed lunch during the hike.

• Afternoon: Reach the summit for quiet reflection and Spirit lead experience connecting with the mountain energy.

• Return to Accommodation: Return for relaxation and rest.

• Dinner Time: Evening meal at your accommodation.

• Evening: Participate in a spiritual ceremony- The 13 Moons Sacred Feminine fire ceremony

Day 4


•       Morning Meditation: Begin the day with a grounding meditation. 

•       Breakfast Time: Breakfast at your accommodation

•       Early Afternoon : Chapmans Peak Drive

•       Afternoon: Boulder Beach with Penguins

•       Dinner Time: Dinner at Golds Restaurant where we will experience African drumming & face painting

•       Evening: Relaxation & Exploring

Day 5


•       Morning Meditation: Start the day with a rejuvenating meditation session

•       Breakfast Time: Breakfast at your accommodation

•       Inner -Child Workshop (Part 2)

•       Lunch Time: Lunch at accommodations

•       Afternoon Rest & Relaxing

•       Dinner at The Green Orchid

•       Evening Ceremony: a beautiful spiritual experience of a flower Ceremony 

Day 6


•       Morning Meditation: Begin with a calming meditation session.

•       Breakfast Time: Breakfast at your accommodation

•       Shopping Excursion: Spend day exploring local artisan shops and markets.

•       Lunch Time: Enjoy lunch at a local cafe or restaurant

•       Afternoon: Continue exploring and shopping

•       Return to Accommodation: Return for relaxation.

•       Dinner Time: Dinner at your accommodation.

•       Evening: Ceremonial Integration of Sacred feminine power .

Day 7


·      Morning Meditation: Meditate before departing for the safari.

·      Breakfast Time: Breakfast at your accommodation or packed for the safari. 

·      Safari Start Time: Depart for the safari adventure

·      Lunch Time: Enjoy a picnic lunch during the Safari

·      Afternoon: Guided game drive and wildlife exploration

·      Return to Accommodation: Head back for relaxation

·      Dinner Time: Dinner at your accommodation

·      Evening: Power Animal Retrieval Ceremony - align with the spiritual animal who is your guardian for your healing path 

Day 8


• Morning Closing of Ceremonies & Gratitude

• Breakfast Time: Final breakfast at your accommodation.

• Check-Out: Prepare for departure and check out of your accommodation.

• Departure: Departure from Cape Town with gratitude and newfound insights.

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